Duplicate devices

Hey guys as you can see from the screenshot, there are z111 z222 etc. They are actually the duplicates of my MCO switches. I renamed them to z111 etc to differentiate them on the app.

Any idea how do I remove these duplicates? If I click remove device, it will remove my main switch from the app as well. How do I remove just the duplicate?

Do you also see the duplicates in

If so remove the not working duplicates there.

when i clicked send basic on and off on the “unknown node”, all doesn’t work. error is “transmit complete no ACK”.

But when I clicked send basic on and off for the ZZZs, it works.

However looking at the 2nd screenshot, the Track Light button is actually the same as z777.
Any idea how can I remove 1 of them?

help me homey gurus :frowning: