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Device still appears at devices and node list after removing (also using the x)

Yesterday a PIR didn’t work so I decided to remove it from the ZWAVE network using the zwave tool.

The device was removed the zwave tool mentioned. But the picogramm still showing in devices.
I’m not able to remove it over there by using the x.
I did re-add the device, so I do have now 2 pictogramms of the same device.
How to remove this pictogramm which is not working?.

The device is also shown twice at the node table by the tools. The same as on the device page of Homey

Known issue.
Gonna close this topic. If u have any problems with that plz feel free to contact @Bram or email to support@athom.com
There is also a fix for this in an upcoming update.
For the next question the answer is: No, i don’t know when that update will take place .