Can´t remove z-wave device

Hello. I had a device that didn´t work correctly. It was a Fibaro wall plug. I could´t remove it even when I had it. Now it was a year ago since I sent it back. I can´t remove it in the app because I don´t have a device to push the button three times on. I haven´t had any questions from the app to remove it. How do I remove it?

Since it’s so long ago, i assume it should be unknown by now. Go to and look for the device there.
It should have status “unknown” as below example:

Anyway, click on the 3 dots at the end and if it’s allright you should have an option “Remove” there:
Click that option and it should be removed permanently.

There is not always a remove option in the example your given.

This is mention many times.

@Xenatic did you use the search option? There many topics about this

Hence the " if it’s allright" statement…` :wink:

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