Does your homey also stutter when it talks?

Mostly when my Homey is a long time “online” the speech starts to stutter. Sometimes the timeout between words in a sentence can be as long as 5-10 sec. I’ve tried to check memory usage of the apps, CPU usage but nothing really extraordinary.

Are there people having the same issues?

If this happens the cause is most likely that the processor is busy with something (many flows or checks at the same time f.i.) or a result of the memory that is getting full.

Yep, my old 2017 Homey stutters all the time, because I run to many app on the thing. Advised is a maximum of about 16 apps. I run about 25 different apps. So, the processor is a bit overloaded.
And offcourse check your flows, if not one of them is keeping Homey busy.

Okay, I can imagine memory is an issue, but cpu…? i’ve checked all apps in the developer portal and cpu of most apps is less than 1% most of them just 0.01% or so…

I will check my flows. not sure how to check for CPU/Memory usage of those…

I do notice some apps who have 20Mb memory or a bit more… and they just do simple tasks. (perhaps the apps are not optimized well, with the garbage collector etc.)

it’s unfortunate that sometimes you need a lot of apps to install because you have a lot of different brands of devices in the same catergory (z-wave devices for example: aeotec,eurotronic,fibaro,philio) so with an average of 15Mb memory x 4 = already 60Mb or more for controlling z-wave devices.

And because each app runs in a sandbox, memory will grow fast.
And as Homey’s unique selling point is connecting all types of devices it’s more a unfortunate that the homey struggles when installing a lot of apps.

I know i’m complaining :stuck_out_tongue: , i’m just thinking of: if we only could find a way to fix it (without uninstalling apps of course :slight_smile:)

What about buying a second homey and share the load? or allow a own server with a licensed connection to your homeyID so that you can use your own powerful server or their services on docker/kubernetes for example :smiley:

Buy a Homey Pro, which is especially made for this situation. Twice the memory.

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As soon as there is a proper way of backing-up old homey and restoring it to a Pro, i will start considering a homey pro. Until then, waste of time :slight_smile:


Hopefully Athom is working on combining /synchronizing app loads over over multiple devices, then the automatic backup could also be part of the solution, in terms of design wise. I’m not sure whether they are brewing on a fantastic solution for this. I hope so ! :smiley: