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Speech lag, what is the cause?

I have a couple of apps (29) and some flows that poll apis every 15mins but speech has been running ok for some time.

Recently though, homey takes a while to say something. I have homey speak some lines with a variable I preset depending on who comes through the door. This variable is triggered by a flow based on presences. When I open my door, I see homey’s Led turn orange (meaning speech is happening) but most times it can take up to 10-15secs before homey speak. Homey also stutters and a sentence of around 15-20 words takes a min to complete speaking with homey taking Long pause to speak.

Is this because of the server or something happening that I should take a look at to prevent this?

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This is a known issue, and there is being worked on this.

I have a slightly different problem, homey does not speak at all anymore
only if I do a reboot then he talks again for a few hours …
no idea what the problem is …

I have similar problems. When Homey wants to speek, the yellow ring burns for about 1-2 minutes, then Homey stutters and speaks very poorly.

Speaking out a simple line like “I switched on the light” takes a few minutes…
Did not try a reboot…

Gr. Remco

Have the same problem, made a ticket for the problem. This was some where in May and Athom repleyd it would be soon resolved when homey v2.0 is released.

Soon… is relative … hope for a solution soon…

Since a few daysi having the same problems. Not always but now and then. Gets better after a restart but keeps coming back. Hope that Athom comes with the updates this year.