Does the homey team have grouping in development?

I installed the group app but realized it doesn’t work in my use case.

What I’m hoping for is created a flow that says “If Any Dimmer is turned on during the daytime, dim Self to 100%”, so that I don’t have create a new flow for every light!

Or "If Any Dimmer is pressed up 2x dim light relative +10%

I noticed group doesn’t have a self identifier, just all in the group.

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  1. Almost all apps have their own app topic, the dev often reads along.
    Please use the dedicated ‘group’ app topic for your questions / feature requests.

Links to those forum topics can be found at the bottom of the app page.

  1. Check out the Device Capabilities app. It’s much more customizable for use with grouped devices.

Make your living room a zone and dimm all lights in the zone. Would that be a solution?

No unfortunately not. The purpose is to create one flow that sets a rule for all lights, not to control all lights when pushing the toggle.

I just don’t understand. Can you give an example of such a rule?

There’s nothing like that off the shelf and Athom don’t publish what’s planned.
You might be able to do what you want with Homey Scripts, but that does require some coding in JS.

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You ask more or less the same question in 3 different topics, but until now I didn’t understand what you really want. But maybe I am too stupid.
However, what I can tell you is that Athom checks in on this forum only sporadically, and they will definitely not answer your question in the forum. So write to Athom support and make your suggestion. But please don’t expect a promising answer.

Homey lacks the ability to set up generic flows, like “If ANY light is turned on, set the brightness of that specific light to 100%” (so one flow would be able to handle all lights).


You still need a dedicated flow to turn on that light, so I still don’t see much added value.

Why? “If zone X has been activated, turn on all lights”.

Automatically setting the brightness for all lights in a zone could easily be done with the groups app, but it starts failing when you want to do a bit more.

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I am not share if the topic starter had this in mind. That’s why I asked for a example of the rule he wants, eg a complete use case.

They already added two examples in the initial post. Replace “self” with “the specific device”.

Forget my example about turning on all lights in a zone, that will muddy the discussion.

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Last try to understand.:grin:
If lamp A is switched on, do something with self (lamp A in this case).
However, to switch on lamp A, there shall be a trigger and a flow, though?
So what ever you want to do with the lamp, can be done in that flow.
However I can imagine you make a temporalily rule, before going on vacation, which says “if a lamp is switched on, dim it to 20%”. In that case you don’t have to adjust the existing flows. Something like that?

Another example.

I have a power strip with 3 outlets and an on/off button that switches all those outlets. However, I don’t want people to use that on/off button, the outlets should only be turned on (and off) with automations.

So I made an automation that will detect if the outlets were turned on with the button, and if so, turn them off again.

Now imagine that I have 10 of those power strips. I would need 10 flows to be able to implement this automation, because there is no “self reference” with Homey flows, where an action card can reference the device that triggered the automation.

If that were possible, I would be able to create a single flow:

“WHEN button of power strip X is used THEN turn off [power strip X]”

(where [power strip X] would be a tag of whatever that would reference the device in the WHEN part of the flow)

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@robertklep got the gist of what I was asking. The reason I posted this in three threads is that

one was an old post so I figured that thread was stale no one would see it

The second had to do with grouping because a device cannot live in two overlapping zones instead of hierarchical zones like email folders vs tags

The third was abstraction so that I could create one flow for all switches and refer back to the activated device rather than explicitly call devices. “If any dimmer is turned on during the daytime then turn that specific dimmer that was turned on to 100%”.

I have to create a flow for every dimmer. Imagine if I have five flows and 10 dimmers. I have to create 50 separate flows. So far I have “turn on during daytime dim to 100%”, “turn on during night time dim to 35%”, “double tap up to increase 10%”, “double tap down to decrease 10%”, “triple tap up to dim to 100%”.

I can’t even just duplicate the flow and change the device. The device and action are coupled so I have to go through the entire flow for each device to change both the trigger and the action. I makes duplication of a flow useless in this case.

Please share a flow for better understanding. Because there might be other simplifications, like using a variable for your dimm level percentage

The dimmer doesn’t have the ability to use a variable for the dim percentage unless you’re recommending an entirely different app. I use the GE Enbrighten one for my dimmers.

Also, it’s not the dim percentage I have an issue with, it the ability to self reference and the ability to use “Any”

Sorry, then I cannot advise you. The communication gap is just too much.

Of course is this possible, or I don’t understand you again.

Sorry, but there are so many question marks for me. Do you use Standard Flows or Advanced Flows?
And I don’t understand why you don’t share a flow when someone ask for it because he wants to help? However, I agree with @Rmb, the communication gap is just too much.


…when Advanced Flows were not yet available, I had over 800 flows.