Does the Doorguard door bell by Smart Home Beveiliging, works with Homey?

Has anyone been able to connect the Doorguard door bell?

Did you have any luck connecting it to homey yet?

I don’t think it’s going to be possible.
They were planning to support IFTTT but have not seen any updates.
I’ve asked Smarthomebeveiliging a couple of times already.
Would be good to reach out as well, maybe they will reconsider or re-prioritize.

Thanks for the update! I’ll contact them as well.

I contact them as well, answer was: not in the near future :weary:

I also send an e-mail for the Homey integratie. I hope can motivate them. Of we all make contact…

Got reaction:

Beste Yannick,

Bedankt voor je bericht! Ik ga hier achteraan. De Tuya connectie zou gebruikt kunnen worden in Homey.
Wellicht is dit het uitproberen waard? Onze producten werken namelijk op de Tuya techniek,

Met vriendelijke groet,

Webcare team

Interesting, might be worth investigating, this however is something to watch out for:

From the Tuya app:
“Only one TCP connection can be in use with a device at once. If using this, do not have the app on your phone open.”

So if someone presses the Doorguard bell, it will send a notification to your app on your phone, which you will open to view the visitor and then the Homey workflow would fail I guess?