Woonveilig / Eguardia support

Could you please support this? Here’s a python library;; https://github.com/jeroenterheerdt/python-egardia

There used to be an app for Woonveilig by Athom themselves, but it has been removed from the app store. There were references to Homey on the Woonveilig website as well, but these seem to be gone too.

My guess: it’s either a technical issue that is being worked on, but has to be resolved before it works again, or there’s some kind of issue between Athom and Woonveilig.

Maybe @Bram can shed some light on this?

Woonveilig is currently working on a change in their API because the current version they released for 3rd party use is not working anymore. Thats also the reason why we temporarily removed the app from the Appstore. Once Woonveilig has completed this change, we will update the Woonveilig Homey app so everyone can start using their Woonveilig system again with Homey:)

Thanks for the clarification!

No problem:)


Thanks I have been waiting for a Woonveilig fix for a while.

Hopefully it’s coming soon!

Bram, any update on this or the timeline?

No update yet unfortunately, still waiting on Woonveilig to release their API to the public

I used the Woonveilig app only in the beginning, but after a while I changed to json control. I am using several statuses of sensors in my flows. For example a door sensor flow is activated when my wife or me are within the proximity of the house. When the door opens the person is marked as home, music switched, alarm off (via json) etc… Or a sleep flow… virtual button that enables the sleep flow, countdown timer to activate alarm, turn off lights… With json you can use(read) all sensors.

Be careful with this method, all information is send unencrypted from Homey to the in-house Woonveilig device (traffic is send local and not via Internet). So with shared LAN/Wifi environments this is a NO-NO!

Nice urls for Woonveilig: Paste commands behind: http ://username:password@ip_woonveilig
(de)Activate alarm via browser: /action/panelCondPost?area=1&mode=0
view connected sensors installed on Woonveilig: /action/deviceListGet
Current status of panel: /action/panelCondGet

Alarm activation via flow:
Activating system by activating mode=2, 3 and 4
Deactivate system by activating mode=0

Flow Example:
Use POST form card (apps.athom.com/app/com.internet)
1st inputfield: http ://username:password@<ip_woonveilig>/action/panelCondPost?area=1&mode=4
2nd inputfield: {}

Flow: Door "watcher"
This flow is watching the door sensor, when opened a Better Logic value is changed into the status of the door sensor. Disarming alarm flow is only started when this value is changed to “open”.

This extra step before disarming the alarm system is executed because I want to be sure the person is insight the house, preventing unwanted disarm actions caused by an error for example in the Geofencing functionality.

2nd input field, after “name==” enter the name of your door sensor (read text above for the command to list all devices).
3rd field is the “Better Logic app” value.

“GET JSONpath Better Logic” card (apps.athom.com/app/com.internet)
1st field: http ://username:password@<ip_woonveilig>/action/deviceListGet
2nd field: $.senrows[?(@.name==’’)].status
3rd field:

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i want to use the alarm status as a trigger.
I made a flow with a countdown timer checking the panelCondGet value every 20s.
after the check reset the timer again.
I am using candy to start the countdown timer at boot.
works flawlessly

Is there any news yet?

How do you get the status of the alarm (Armed, Did-Armed)

when timer reach zero, then get jsonpath better logic
eerste veld: http://username:password@/action/panelCondGet
tweede veld:
derde veld:
kaartje van je betterlogic variabele

en volgende actie: start countdown timer

Thanks for your response.

I still get an error “ Value not found

The config of the “jsonpath better logic”

Can you provide the content you get in your variable (String/Number)

1e veld:


2e veld:


3e veld:


variable name: Alarm-status1 Type: String

variable name: Alarm-status2 Type: Number

It’s been awhile, and the holidays are far past, maby a good time to give a call again to your contacts at woonveilig, and ask about the status of the new API they were talking about… would love to have the posibility of enabling my alarm via Homey back.

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Same here!! Hope to see some progress.

About Woonveilig, we’re in contact with them again :slightly_smiling_face:
– Emile, Athom


Hi all, since the new release all my Woonveilig flows are not working anymore. And the App is still not in the Homey App Store. Is there any update from Athom?

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@Lucas_Maarten, @Alert1977, @Robebare, @wjay I dont have one of these devices, but I just saw this was released on the app store.


Good Luck