Does my Homey suck or is it just me?

Ok, total noob. Was looking forward to my new Homey Pro 2023. So far I don’t know why I bought it, 500€ down the drain. Hopefully it will grow on me and I can learn to love it :blush:

  1. Homey energy tells that it is measuring all in real time. I’m I just lucky that none of my devices is using any energy or is Homey not doing the work? I have a decent amount of devices, six sonos speakers, 22 lights (via plejd), vacuum and more. When I click the device it just shows a - mark.

  2. My plejd system (bluetooth mesh for lights) constantly shows they are offline. Not from the Plejd app though, that works fine.

  3. My eufy security cams, what’s the deal with them and Homey? I can only turn them on or off when clicking. Of course the should always be on! In the google home app or eufy app I get the camera picture when I click it (most likely what I want it to do).

  4. Flows, don’t ge me started on them. I make grate flows for my purpose. Only problem is Homey is doing nothing of what I tell it.

What can I do? Is my brand new Homey broken or am I just expecting to much?


You should never ask a question on wich you don’t want to hear the true answer…

But hey, you asked…

  1. As far as i can tell none of the mentioned devices report used energy (why should they, it’s not their core purpose) so what is there to report on?
  2. Can’t judge, don’t know plejd…
  3. As i look at the app and the triggers, there is much much more possible. But of course thta is totally depending on the support of your specific devices.
  4. I also do make great flows for my purpose. But that does not mean that they always work. Sometimes you have to think as a Homey, not as a person.

But i won’t judge…


Most likely you have to fill in the energy per device in the advanced settings of the devices. Especially when devices are defined as general device.

Concerning flows: most likely you don’t understand flows. Why don’t you share us your simplest flow that does not work. We might be able to help you😇


Phew, judging from you it’s more likely that it’s me, not my Homey. That was the answer I was hoping for.

You know, explaining to your wife why your new toy, that you convinced her would be a great buy for both of us, turned out into one further app rather than skipping the rest would be hard to come back from.

Im gonna try to go though your advices and aiming for the noob+ level in a short time.

Thanks for the time you spent trying to help me :blush:

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Thanks for your advice, im gonna check that out :blush:

About flows, one simple flow

When motion is detected on camera x
And time is between 2100 and 0600
Then turn on light y and z

Can you share the actual Flow or do you not know where to start and need help writing it?

That one should work😁
So now it is time to do some fault analysis. So copy the flow, remove the AND card and test if the lights are going on when you manually start the flow.
Maybe you can share your flow with a screen print?

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Awesome, so far I like the Homey community better than my Homey. But still think there is hope for us as well, after we solved our communication problems with each other :grin:

From now I think of you helpful guys as the therapist between me and Homey :blush:

That’s what came out when I clicked share flow

And is the problem in the motion detection or in switching on the light?

So the lamps are connected to your Plejd bridge, and that bridge and lamps that are added in HP2023 with the Plejd app?

You would need to configure it, if it’s not defined by developer but yes, it’s configurable.

Know issue with BLE stack on HP2023, please submit request to Athom

It’s all about EUFY API restrictions, developer is doing impossible job despite of those restrictions.

I don’t understand.

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Usually it’s more like Homey doesn’t understand what you want it to do. Most of the time it follows pure logic.

Probably the lights, as he’s mentioned that the Plejd lights are offline. So in that case Homey is doing it’s best to serve you but if a component is offline, Homey cannot do much.
@Jole you should troubleshoot why the Plejd lights are offline.

As you did not buy a complete home automation system, but just the parts and subsystems, you and only you are the system integrator. And that is a tough job: Reading specifications, manuals, designing the system, understanding requirements, analyse and isolate problems, convince another party something is wrong in their subsystems, creating and reading logs, try and error, documenting etc… etc…
If you don’t like that, or isn’t your hobby😇, just forget building your own Home Automation System.
“Life is to complex to fit in a flow”.

You got ripped off, it’s retail price should be €400

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@Jole for you specific issue with the Eufy camera not triggering your flow have a look at the Eufy FAQ Q1: [APP][Pro] Eufy Security - #4 by martijnpoppen - Apps - Homey Community Forum


Not sure your time conditions will work as they are overnight and across different days. Try betwwn 2100 and 2359 for one card and another for between 0000 and 0600


Good idea. I had the same problem, but already forgot.
It seems it is implemented as numbers, not as date and time. Anyway, specifying this way is less ambiguous.

You can also try to use a card with is NOT between 6:00 and 21:00.
So the card is only for one day. And not used for overnight.


Good point

After reading all the helpful tips I get from you guys here, I believe there are two problems with with the flow:

  1. The lifts are often offline, the BLE seems to work poorly unfortunately. I probably have to buy the plejd gateway so I can use the official plejd app here. For now I’m using the community coded one, which is supposed to be functional without Plejd gateway, only using the Homey as a gateway. Alternatively, anyone knows if the BLE is getting stronger with an Ethernet adapter?

  2. Since Homey only seems to be able to switch my security cameras on and off the motion it’s not registered in Homey. Just solved this with the classic mastermind hack - uninstall/reinstall. Now eufy is working fine.

Can I just get the lights to work Homey will certainly have grown much more love to me :grin:

Once again, thanks to all for your engaged support