Does Mi Light app work with Homey v5.0? Can I downgrade from firmware 5.0.0 stable back to 4.2.0 if it does not?

Hello, I am using this app Mi•Light | Homey

Can anybody confirm if it works well after firmware update to v5.0.0?

If I run into any problems, is it possible to revert v5.0.0 stable back to v4.2.0 firmware? I tried to find answer to this in community forum, but all threads are dealing with reverting from experimental firmware to last stable version. I am talking about reverting back from one stable firmware to another.

Thank you, Frank.

To be sure ask Athom, because Athom is the developer of the app.

I use the mi-light app for a couple of lights outside and it works like a charme on v.5.0.0

This is not possible, revert only reverts to the latest stable firmware, currently v5

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Thank you for answers guys

they are also working on 5.0

Please update Mi Light / Mi Boxer app for recent gateway