Mi-Light app broken since firmware 4.0.0?->Fixed

Hi all,

On my Homey, the Mi-light devices stopped working since some days (“Bridge reageert niet”/Bridge dowsn’t respond)
This started (around) the firmware update to 4.0.0. I’m trying to find out what the cause is (4.0 firmware or issues in my specific installation.
To pinpoint, I’m wondering if anyone using the Mi light app on their Homey on 4.0.0 could tell me whether their setup is working fine or shows the same problems.

Working fine for me.I’ve been running 4.0.0 for a while too.
I have a first generation bridge, if I remember correctly.

Working fine for me too. On latest firmware and app 3.2.3

I’ve had continuous problems with the ibox 2 icm Homey. I recently decided to ditch the Mi-lights in favour of Ikea Leptiter spots. they work like a charm.

Thank you for the replies. Very helpful: Since it worked for -well- at least some of you, I reasoned the issue couldn’t be a generic bug, but had to reside in my setup.

For those who find this topic while searching a solution for the same issue:
After some useless tinkering, I stumbled upon the nature of the problem (Don’t overestimate my debugging capabilities: Pure luck):
I just added all related network devices (Homey, MiLight bridge and for good measure all other domotica) to the DHCP reserved IP list (IP address x should always be assigned to Mac address y") in my router’s settings.
Bit crude but effective: The MiLight app/related devices started working, but were a bit wobbly initially. After a few restarts of the app everything is completely stable & working fine.

I still don’t have a clue what the root cause was, but this seems to fix the problem, so worth trying.