Problems with Milight

I use a lot of Milight devices at home but I experience many problems with the combination Homey and Milight. A total of 11 downlights, 7 rgbww bulbs, 3 gu10 spots. The problem is that Homey does not always control the lights. Not via a flow and also not manually. I have already been in contact with Athom about this. I have sent several logs but they say that they wont see anything in it because it is one-way traffic. Control the devices with the Milight app for Android always works. Even when Homey doesn’t. So it seems to be a problem between Homey and the Ibox. I have tried both Ibox 1 and Ibox 2. Also a fixed ip address for the bridges. It all makes no sense. The problems persist. When you restart the app, it sometimes works again, but not always.

I am very curious if you experience these problems. All tips to solve this problem are welcome, but I have little hope. These days I control the lights via a Neo coolcam switch because this works reliably.

I have a comparable problem since a couple of month’s. Mainly if I ask Siri (Homekit) to turn off all the lights, then a couple of lights always stay on. Not the whole group, just a couple of lights in that group. If I ask Siri to turn of all the lights individually it works fine. Apparently the signal does get send, but not long enough for every light to react?
If I create a flow that turn off all the lights than it works fine also.

I have 2 separate milight hubs (same type, same date op pruchase) 1 is always functioning and the other one has often timeouts, so home cannot switch the light on or of.
But now with the new Homey Web App I noticed something very strange. Even when homey says there is no conection with the hub, the lights can be controlled with the little switch in de interface block.
I hope this is something developers can use to solve this problem!