All Alexa loose connect to homey every few weeks… how is the best way to get them back…

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But regardless of the app, a few common reasons for devices losing connection:

  • an unstable power supply (the original one that comes with Homey is known to cause problems), so try replacing it
  • if these are Zigbee devices, you may just have too many of them, or your Zigbee network isn’t correctly set up
  • if these are WiFi/LAN devices, it could be because Homey’s networking stack can be unstable

Some people periodically (like, daily) reboot their Homey to keep it running.

All stup right. All works fine with Alexa app, but disconnect from Homey Pro every few weeks… And stay disconnect until suddenly i manage to get them up running again. Problem is that what makes them connect one time… Dont seems to work mext. Its ligts ts, switches, air conditon etc. All connected via Alexa disconnect from homey Pro.

You have to be more clear if you want help. For instance, what are these devices? Which brand/model? Which Homey app are you using for them?

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Ty for trying to assist Robert. But problem isn’t the devices… Its the Homey app loosing connection to Amazon… Then not being able to reconnect… All items still work with Alexa app… and ofc with the other marks like Tuya etc… Its just the homey app for alexa thats not able to talk with Amazon/Alexa. Why is it happening random every few weeks and trying everything from restarting homey, reinstall app, relog etc… Still cant connect again… :slight_smile: Im pretty sure many has same problem, why I’m asking… What do do to get it connected again.

Ah okay, now I understand.

You can submit a support request here, perhaps Athom can help you: https://support.homey.app/hc/en-us/articles/360015784034-Submitting-a-support-request

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