Homey disconnects after a few hours

For a couple of days now, e.g. after waking up or coming home from work, Homey doesn’t register any localization due to connection loss. All other radio frequency protocols seem to work, but Homey simply disconnects from my network. I can of course not reach it through the app, so I have to hard reset the unit. Any ideas how I can do a troubleshoot?

Edit: to clarify, all WiFi and internet apps don’t work, such as speech, weather reports or connections to WiFi devices.

Any ideas? It’s very annoying, being away from home and not knowing what the status is of my home devices

I think its best to create a ticket at https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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a bit late perhaps but I had this disconnection problem and eventually solved it by replacing the USB power supply that cam with Homey for a more powerful one …