Amazon Alexa Disconnect Frequently

I have Amazon Alexa by Jamie Peake.
Everythink is worlking fine from flows to apps links.
But the Amazon Alexa app cannot stay linked to my Amazon account, give me the result of no Homey control of my amazon devices neither Amazon devices talking with Homey flows.
Here is the view of the issue, can anyone has solved or help me solve this status ?

App not connected:

After enrollement process:

Status connected for a short time:


Hi @Terryble66
Please post in this topic by mentioning Jamie. We all have the same issue.

Hi ZvFreak

indeed, help is welcome. Also don’t know if it has effect but i’m using OTP with my amazon account.
From where i need to start troubleshooting ?


I have the exact same issue, in EU server.

Did anyone solved it?