Dim smart light with turnable smart switch

I have a Philips hue light and a Namron 4 in 1 turnable smart switch.
I can’t figure how to dim the light up and down. Only able to dim one way even though i turn left or right.

Dont know the namron switch.
But make sure the Hue is always connected to power.

If you connect a Hue to a dimmer output it will never work

The dimmer is only on battery. I have direct power to the hue lamp. So just need to figure out a flow to make it work :slight_smile:

I don’t know the switch either and I don’t use Hue lamps via the Hue Bridge (I assume that you’re using the Hue Bridge, right?), therefore I don’t know the capabilities of these devices, but in theory it should work something like this:

– Brightness changed (of the Namron Rotary Dimmer)
– Dim to the Dimmlevel of the Namron Rotary Dimmer