Device connection error

For some reason I have some times a connection problem with my Fibaro wall plugs. I get an error message when turning it on or off like “transmit_complete_no_ack” and need to re-pair it to solve it, which is not that user friendly. When I look at my nodes routing the specific device (node 25) is routed via 1-144-2-25. 144 is the strange thing while my max node is 26… whats happening here?

is there an other more user friendly way to not lose connection or reconnect?

Hi Edwin,

Didn’t you search the forum? There’s lots of topics about the “transmit_complete_no_ack” error:

I guess your Homey is proppably affected by the known issue and no one from the community is able to solve this problem in fully. So please contact Athom’s Support.

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Yes I did, but if you took some more effort to read my question, you have noticed that its not the error message I was confuesed about, but how you can handle this or prevent this for the best.
Also related to the picture of the routing I added.

So now did you find anything that will help me???

Ah, your situation is special! Should have told that in your post so we can tell you the secret fix.

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:wave: bye

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Because this is a community forum and your posts, questions and suggestions will not be read by Athom (more or less), and I guess no user is able to help you with this problem, please contact Athom’s Support as I already suggested.

To prevent this from escalating, I have switched the topic to slow mode.