Develco Products App - Control your home and make it safe (v2.1.0)

The EMI Norwegian got paired after updating to 2.0.5-TEST, but values are stuck. Power value is sensible (2800W), the energy value is way off: 28XXXXXXXXXX.6… (12 digits before decimal).
According to the energy company web site the HAN port has been opened. Also possible that the error lies in the meter or the Develco EMI Han device.

Can you send another diagnostics report; hope it can clarify the reason why it is not updating the values.
Can you also read on your smart meter, what the actual energy value is (kWh)?

Report 0f0479d1-ab6f-4249-a3fa-15299240d020 with details added report message.

Hi, Have you waited for some time window after installing the app (up to 30 minutes)
sometimes it takes time for the Power Meter to have data points to show the measurement

The values on my Norwegian HAN are still stuck several days after pairing and restart of app. Might be my HAN device or the meter itself that is malfunctioning…

My three develco smart plugs (type F) disappears (automatically uninstalls from the app) after approx 15 to 30 min after i have added them. Have tried to add them several times and also uninstalled/installed the Develco-app and rebooted the Homey. Homey version 5 rc47 and develco app 2.0.5.

Hi, i have v5 (pro erly 2019 and currently rc50) and two type F plugs. I have not had much trouble since i upgrded from 4.2. I do however, automate an develco app restart every night. Seems to help for me. V4.2+develco was notoriously unstable, in v5 ive had vert few
Issues. Hope you solve it :slight_smile:

@Eric_Anderbjork when updating to Homey v5 did you also perform a Zigbee Network reset?
If not, could you give this a chance? When re-adding the Zigbee devices, start with the non-light routing devices, then the light routing devices and finalizing the endpoint devices (e.g. sensors)

Thanks for the feedback.
The daily restart of the app, did you start that on 4.2? Restarting the app doesn’t hurt, but also shouldn’t be needed.
What happens if you disable the flow now your on v5?

Another Develco unit just “left the network” with no pre-warning, this time a device called “smart cable”. This is a no battery device, has constant power through cable. Not good!

Homey v. 5


Still devices fisepair

@Tangodelta @Sendjeberge thanks for providing the logs. We are investigating the issue together with Athom.

Can you support us to find the root cause of this issue by providing some additional information:

  • which devices are disappearing?
  • which v5 RC number do you currently have installed?
  • when upgrading to Homey v5, did you reset the Zigbee network or not?
  • sharing a screenshot of your Zigbee network (as shown at, under Tools and Zigbee)?
  • sending a diagnostics report to Athom (please share the code here, so we can refer to it).

I do experience the exact same. I can share info.
I’ve installed v5, and 2.0.5. Full reset zigbee network. also reset Homey. reinstalled app. e.g. done everything

Norwegian HAN, only report on pairing, and smoke do not report temperature at all.

devices also leaves the network when they feel for it

running rc58

Did you get the EMI Norwegian HAN to work?
I have the same problem with the values…

Diagnostic report for EMI Norwegian HAN.


Homey running on 4.2.0
The Develco app is 1.0.0

It’s not showing the right values…
The “update time” is only a few seconds, but the power value is always showing -8388608 Watt
The suplier has confirmed that the HAN port is active, and i did try to shut of the main fuse and wait 15-20 seconds before turning it back on.
I did also reset the EMI…

I experience the same, and have for a few months (the latest of Homey 5-rc?).
EMI Norw. HAN is stuck on the values reported when pairing (28147497671kwh/5306W). Version: v2.0.5/5.0.0-rc59

Restarting the app and Homey didn’t help.

I can´t get temperatur reading on any of my flood sensors.

But still good work…thanks.

Same issue, even after upgrade to RC62

Mill had issue, but they relased a new version of the app same day.

What is the plan for Develco V 2.0.5?
An plan for a upgrade which is working?
Soon i need to change to Fibaro Walstick, they are working perfectly.


After upgrading to Develco to 2.0.6 this morning the EMI Norwegian HAN reports both energy and power. Homey was updated to 5.0.0-rc.63 two days ago.

Thank you!

Updated to latst version 2.0.6, and RC 63, still i loosing the Develco Smart Wallstick after som etime.
After they are lost i can add them without pressing the pair button, but loosing them again after some time.