Developer needed for new device integration

Hello all,

We have got requests from our customers who want to integrate our Zigbee based Develco products IoT devices with the Homey system. We are currently looking for a developer that will help us integrate our solution to Homey and willing to pay for the service. Is anyone interested?

Link to our products
[]([Smart Plugs]
[]([sensor and alarms]

Links for sample technical manuals
Smart plug technical manual
Motion Sensor Technical Manual


How about the meters ?

The meter interfaces are not our priority for the first round of integration but could be considered depending on future requests

Okay. Understand. Then see this as a request for the external meter. :blush: Good luck with finding a developer!

This is a request for the Zigbee based devices such as - smart plugs, motion sensor, smoke detector … (can be found on the links above)

nice job for @TedTolboom ?

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That could be an option…
but I’d rather support another (newly) starting developer to create this app, to extend the (Zigbee) developers community. Interested @JPe4619?


Love to have support for the EMI Norwegian HAN.

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Thank you for the input , we will consider it for the integration, happy holidays :slight_smile:

I guess why you get suggestions of everything but what you are asking for is that for us who already have quite a lot of zigbee devices there are already other small good looking working alternatives (like Hue, Innr, Aqara), while you are unique (?) with those other products, like the smart cable and all those meters (and for sure the VOC sensor). But understand that your old consumers have other thoughts. Happy holidays to you as well!

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I own a number of Develco sensors. As far as I understand, Homely (not a typo) products are also Develco. In other words there are quite a few of them out there. I use Fibaro (Z-wave) but I want high quality sensors and meters i Zigbee and in Norway Develco stands out. When I say this I don´t want a discussion about Fibaro vs Develco.


Good point that you put out there regarding smart cable , relays and metering devices, we will definitely consider having them integrated!

Hi, is there anything new about this? I’m waiting for the Develco integration for Homey


Hi Terje

Thank you for the interest on Develco Products solution

Homey integration is under progress but we wont expect to release a solution before April,1st 2020

Best regards,
Mohammed Seifu Kemal


We are closing up on 1.april.
Is there any news on Develco products? I’m especially interested in support for Smart Relay 30A

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Hi Erik,

Due to the current unfortunate situation things has slowed down, Its still ongoing work and we will announce the new release out here.

There are prioritized list of devices for the first integration due to high demand and I am afraid Smart Relays are not included for now but I will put your request to the team

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Ok, understand. I’ll keep crossing my fingers for Smart relays:)


Just bought a ton of water leak sensors and magnet sensors since elimportoren (Norwegian electrics prod store) said all this gear was compliant with homey. Came home to test it out and there’s no support :frowning: then I found this thread! We are in the mid of april, so let me first ask if there’s any progress? And will the water leak sensor be on the first list of implementation?