Developer needed for new device integration

Bet they meant Homely not Homey…

Homey support coming soon, the project is delayed due to unfortunate circumstances, I will post the release on this thread

for now you win if you bet on it but in future you will lose your bet because Homey will be supported :slight_smile:

These devices look very promising!
Mostly because of the sizes, especially the wall plugs.
Currently waiting for the new Aqara ones, but these could be a perfect alternative!

Unfortunately, I cannot find them anywhere to buy. Should I search under another brand name?
And do you have smart plugs with dimming capabilities?

Any ETA for a Homey app? I understand the delay, but any idea when we can expect something? Weeks, months?

Hi All,

The first release of the app is available on app store :),
Please check it out!


Hi Henk,

check the app below!

I am aware that in Norway you can find them here -

Other places, i might have to check marketing :slight_smile:

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Just added the EMI Norwegian HAN, a smoke alarm and a Window sensor! This is brilliant!

@Godlike great to hear!
There is a dedicated app topic created, I would recommend to follow-up any specific questions in that topic:


Anyone know if the Develco Smart Relay 16A DIN is fully supported? Can’t find it in the app overview

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