Detection powerswitch


I want to detect when a normal powerswitch is set to on (and off).
A transmitter like the KaKu AWMT-230 is not an option, because these kind of transmitters only sends a signal when there is also a powerconsumer attached through wire.
So i need f.i. a lamp/bulb to get the AWMT-230 to work. That’s not an option ofcourse.

Does anybody knows a trick/device which does not consume (or minimal) power to get things done ?
(sending a signal when it receives power and again when it is switched off).

Replacing the switch for a radio capable one (like KaKu 8802) is also not an option. The switch is part of a specific type/serie and is attached next to an outlet of the same serie/type.


I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to use an AWMT-230. Looking at the installation documentation, it’s attached in parallel to an existing light source, which means that it should act independently of that source:

Just leave out the light source, and it should work.

I can’t really think of any alternatives that are battery powered. If it’s possible to permanently power a device (which almost always will be possible), look at a Shelly 1, a Fibaro Switch or a Qubino Relay.

Thanks for your reply.
The problem with the AWMT-230 is that the device transmits a signal only if there is a ‘powercurrent’ detected (so not the power only). So that’s why i still need a lightbulb behind the same switch (to generate the current).

Below a part of the dutch manual. I also tested it; the AWMT-230 is indeed not working when there is no lightbulb attached to the same switch:

Good news: If just found the AWMT-003. Does the same but may NOT be attached to the 230v wiring.
I think this will solve my problem (for an extra €24 euro’s :wink: )


Ah okay, didn’t read that in the manual :sweat_smile:you can buy a Shelly 1 for a lot cheaper.

A Shelly 1 is only a (wifi)receiver (cannot transmit) though ?
So i think it won’t do the trick ?


It can transmit :+1:t2: