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Demand driven ventilation

After watching a YouTube movie from gadgetruud about demand driven ventilation https://youtu.be/dBfXTjpPcSQ
I was looking for the possibility by mij own ventilation.
I came to the conclusion that I have a fan on alternating current. A fan on direct current is energie efficient.
So I am looking for a new ventilator which is compatabel whit homey.
Is it possible to make the most or all ventilator smart.
Where do I need to pay attention to by buying a new ventilator?

Maybe there are more people how have made there ventilation smart, and can tell me the brand of the ventilation?

Also there is a difference in connection of the power cable. Perilex and a normal one.
With Perilex you have a fix controller if I read it right, and by the normal one you have a rf controller.

Is it possible to use this frequency?

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