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I experience a internet/wifi shut down since 15 days. consequently I cannot connect to Homey. Homey continues to operate alone but not at the correct timing. My question is: At what time (which hour) homey starts when you plug it? I though it was 00.00 AM but obviously not.
Another question : is there a way to connect homey without reseting from zero a new wifi network? Indeed I hope my internet device will be fixed soon so that I will get my original wifi network back one day.
Thanks for your help

Have you searched on the forum?

or support site?

I know how to change the wifi network but I don’t want because my internet bow will not be changed. It is my fiber connection which is broken. When the fiber will be fixed I will get back internet and my wifi network as before . I just have to wait until it is fixed but during that waiting period I try to understand how homey behaves by itself and I need to know at what hour it restarts when you unplug and replug it?
Thanks again

My guess is 00:00 UTC, so depending on your timezone it will be some hours off.

Try plugging it in at 00:00 local time and see if you can find out if your flows are a certain number of hours off that match your local timezone with respect to UTC.


Why not create a hotspot on a phone for some time eith your network and let homy sync.

Yes I am currently using a connection through my cell phone (for instance to be able to write these words). But I don’t know how to bridge my former wifi network without modifying it to the hotspot created by my cell phone?

Depends on the Brand of your phone… see the (online) manual.