Change of Homey's wifi connection to internet

How can I change the Homey’s WiFi connection to Internet?

Thanx, it worked :slight_smile:

I have Homey Early (2016)

What the guide did not tell you is that when you have entered Recovery mode (by turning the Homey upside down), you need to put Homey in upright position again before connecting to the new WiFi network.

Also, as it is an older version of Homey, make sure that the wifi network supports 2.4GHz communication.

Doesn’t Homey ask you to put it on it’s feet again, after x seconds?
(I used recovery 13 months ago, I don’t recall waiting forever with Homey upsidedown, I also don’t recall what notified me to put it on its feet again).

All Homey versions can connect to 2.4GHz wifi only. Even the new Homey Bridge.