Dashboard for (original) iPad Air?

I’m considering replacing my original iPad Air (late 2013) with something a bit faster. I did however get a refurbished model 1 year ago due to a home-button not working properly (5-year warranty) so I now have a unit which is effectively 1 year old, with excellent battery life etc, but it’s starting to get way to slow for my use.

That’s when I thought I might be able to use my old iPad Air as a Dashboard, but I’m not sure where to start. HomeKit etc. from Homey doesn’t really work that well, same with Google integration (lots of devices that didn’t work very well on Google Home app.

Grafana looks interesting, but is not really for adding buttons etc AFAIK.

I’d like to get temperatures, be able to change a (virtual) thermostat, maybe open/close balcony windows (and see state) custom icons for closed/open.

Suggestions? Something that can be ran fullscreen on iPad as well? “Sleep” until someone’s nearby/touches screen?

The Homeykit app has more device support than Athom/Homey’s Homekit support so you could try that.
Also Google home works great if you make virtual devices (+ a few flows) for the not supported devices.

And i tried the Homeydash on an (original)
Ipad air aswell, it runs just great on it but i don’t need it so aint gonna use it.

Which iOS is this iPad running?
And , after using the search function, which topics u found alr for this?
Sounds like Homeydash.com is the solution for u. Can do all u ask. U can find the correct topic when using the search function. If u don’t have any more specific iPad Air 2013 questions am gonna close this topic. If u have any problems with that please contact a moderator via PM.