Danfoss Ally zigbee devices not supported?

I have been reported that the Danfoss Ally Radiator Thermostat is detected?
This device has been Zigbee 3.0 certified and very popular

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To answer your question in the title of the thread: Right, it’s not supported!
It can be added as a generic Zigbee device but I guess with no functionality.
For the most devices you need an app. Examples of devices that don’t need an app are Zigbee lamps, Zigbee and Z-Wave repeaters or some WallPlugs.

Which devices are actually supported can be checked in the App Store. But it’s important to pay attention if you use a Homey Pro or a Homey Bridge.

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is there an official channel to contact to get support for the device in the app?

There is already a request:

At the moment the thermostat can only be integrated into Homey via the Conbee Stick. I raise a thermostat that has been running for 1 year without any problems. To do this, however, you have to invest in a Raspi and the Conbee2 stick.

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Athom itself is the developer of the app for Danfoss Z-Wave devices, so you can also ask Athom (support@athom.com). Maybe they are developing already an app for Danfoss Zigbee devices.

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Hi Klaus. Did you get an answer from atom support team regarding the development of a Danfoss Zigbee app? Thanks for a brief feedback.


Any news about an APP for Danfoss Ally? Will there be one?