Danfoss Ally stopped responding - pairing failed

I’ve purchased an Danfoss Ally radiator thermostat, as it’s listed as compatible in the Homey app store, but I’m not able to connect it.
I’ve followed the instructions on the pairing screen, I’ve tried right next to Homey, and installed where it should sit, I’ve tried the official “Danfoss” way of resetting the thermostat etc, but all to no avail.
It starts the pairing process fine, but Homey says that the device stopped responding and the pairing fails.

The blinking “signal” icon on the Ally has often stopped blinking, which I would normally interpret as a succesful pairing, but no.
I’ve also tried to keep the screen on the Ally awake, by toggling the temperature setting wheel so that it didn’t turn off the screen.

Nothing works.
Should I return it - or is there a way to get it to connect?

For battery operated zigbee/zwave devices you should press the pair pin / button every other second or so, to prevent the device going into sleep mode.
Keeping the display active is not the same in this case, I’m afraid.

The first zigbee router devices (mains powered devices) should be paired a few cm from Homey, when you’re expanding the mesh network, start pairing within the signal range of the nearest router.
Zwave devices should always be paired right next to Homey.

Thanks - It worked to keep pressing the pair button!

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