My danalock only updates some times in the homey app(locked,unlocked). Anyone else with the same problem?

I got the feeling that the connection between Dana and Homey is weak.
When I had the Dana unit on the lower floor and the Homey on the second floor, it could not connect.
But on the same floor it works flaw less (so far).

So maybe that is your problem, the you are on the limit so it works some times and some times not.

I have the exact same experiences. The distance between my Danalock and Homey is about 15 meters, with one (normal) wall in between. When I want to close or open the Danalock from Homey, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. However, in Homey developper, I see that the Danalock sees other Z-wave devices to talk with (so mesh network should work fine).