Danalock 3V poor reach


I just bought a Danalock 3v.
Parring works fine, and I can control the lock if I’m within 20 cm from the door.

But as soon as I get beyond 1 meter if starts to fail 99% of the time.
There is no wall or anything between the Homey and the Danalock, so It should be possible for the network to reach it.

If I go to developer, I can only see this:

I’m not having this problem but i can tell, in my 100+ modules, it is the less reliable by far. Sometimes not responding or loose his calibration… How many time my wife stay outside with door close… Really not a good product.

Send back the danalock and buy a loqed

Danalock is a great product only doesn’t work with the zwave implementation of homey
they don’t follow the FLIRS guidelines and thus the danalock and other FLIRS zwave devices react poorly for already 3+ years

Loqed never fails :ok_hand:

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So why Danalock is or was in Homey’s hardware recommandations ? I can’t send back a lock.

Have absolutely no problem with Danalock v3!

When you lock/unlock, how many seconds it take to hear the motor ?

2-3 seconds! Updated firmware? Could be you have a faulty unit, have experienced that myself.

@Tangodelta Guess you don’t have a large number of zwave devices ?

Too much really

Haha not even a number . Like most boys just say it’s a large one :joy:

Nevertheless the homey implementation of FLIRS doesn’t follow zwave guidelines and is flawed .
Result is a lots of timeouts and slow response( 3 seconds is kinda going to the slow side) if it had some straight forward connection to homey.

But then there could be another explanation it kinda works . Packets don’t travel thru the mesh but the Dana has a (almost) direct connection to homey.

That said . The Loqed has way more value for money and doesn’t brake after a 1 or 2 years because of cheap plastic gears .

I have owned 12 and all where or became crap . Removed the last 3 a month ago when the latest half baked FLIRS implementation of athom (s)hit the fan :joy:

I recivevd a new lock from Danalock, will update when news

I’ve used the Danalock for 2 yrs with Homey, and before with SmartThings. No problems at all. Make sure the mesh is ok, and the batteries is good ones(which they not always are)
When pairing secure devices, the hub must be close to the node due to the securety and reduced range. This is not anything special for Danalock, but very common for Z-wave with security.
Most common problem is lack of mesh, both in Zigbee and Z-wave.

Well i just remove my Danalock with no regrets.
We have to take back our keys but my wife will not be blocked outside anymore. End of story for me.

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Kuch . Loqed

You will never be locked out again.
Opens with a simple tap on the touch screen when you’re walking towards the door