Danalock z-wave over Satellite/Bridge?

I have some Danalock V.2 and V.3 with z-wave and Homey Satellite/Bridge connected to Home Pro 2023
I start to suspect that those are not work with Satellite.
My Satellite is about 4 meters from the Danalock och Homey main unit 15 meter from the Danalock and If I disconnecting the Satellite thos Danalock works as bad as usual.
With first time pairing I need to be close to Homey main unit and then I move the Danalock to where new position.
How do I know then that it’s communicating via the Satellite unit?

I would say by checking Homey Developer Tools and routing path.
Eg. in my case, no device routes via Bridge, despite of some FGR-223 being in close distance to the Homey Bridge.

Didn’t know about this tool. Very helpful.
Well. Now I can see that those Bridge dosn’t do much. Quite disappointed.
That explaining why it dosn’t work so good with all other z-wave units.