Danalock Zigbee stops functioning in Homey after short while

anybody!! My Danalock Zigbee loses connection and stop working after a few days in Homey. Works fine in Danalock App, but stops in both Homey and Homekit. reinstall and after a few days the same. Why?? Solution, whats wrong. Need help!!

:sweat_smile: Your not the only one, and we are just Homey users, not a company.
Please write to Danalock support as well, links are present at the Danalock page @ homey.app store

Hello Fredde,

Can you please read the guide below? Thx.

Can you provide for this info:

Homey model? (hint: there are 3)

Share your Homey zigbee overview, pls make a screenshot per https://tools.developer.homey.app/tools/zigbee

Tell me, which app on what platform do you mean by that, I can’t read your mind?
It can’t be an app on your phone while Danalock uses zigbee, and your phone doesn’t have a zigbee controller onboard
A zigbee device can be added to only ONE controller, presumably Homey in your case.
Is that correct?
But it doesn’t work @ Homey as I understand. So it can’t be the Homey Danalock app.

What do you reinstall, and on which system?

Hmm what has Homekit to do with zigbee and Homey? I think this is irrelevant here.

Did you change the Danalock batteries, even if they are ‘brand new’? Just replace them

Did you tune your wifi and zigbee channels?
Do you have neighbours with (strong) wifi channels?
Please check and scan, and make adjustments if needed. Guide:

Homey Pro 201x: Did you replace the power unit and the cable, with a decent quality one → 5V and 2A minimum

Homey Pro 2023: did you replace the USB cables for decent quality ones, do you have the 5.2V power unit in place, or still using the 5.0V version?

I have 20 different zigbee devices working flawlessly. It’s only the Danalock thet messes up. Homey PRO 2019. Change batteriet 3 times. Full reset multipel times. After reset and add I can look/unlock for at least 2 days then it stops working again. It always works in native app. Just Homey that stops responding. In the zigbee network on homey developer I can always see that the lock is in the mesh. I can’t figure out what’s wrong :cry::cry:

The channel Zigbee uses has been blocked for wifi. Ive changed the adapter 1 year ago. This is the only zigbee device that stops functioning after 24-36 hours, Then I have to delete and add it again to operate it. Getting really sick how bad this works. Have 2 other Danalocks and no problems. The lock works fine for about 2 days then it just dies. its still in the Zigbee network and fully visible in my system, but nothing happens when I hit Lock/Unlock.

This made me think of an exact similar issue right away:
Aqara + Ikea filament lights + Homey 2019. Aqara’s went quiet after a few hours to a few days.
This happened when an Aqara device started to use a Ikea light as router/hop. That combo did not work @ Homey. Fun fact: this combi works 100% fine @ zigbee2mqtt

So, can you show a list of which devices (brands, types, models) are part of your Homey zigbee mesh?
This, to be able to find info on Danalock incompatible zigbee devices.


I don’t understand. I 'm curious, which app is that, “the native app”? And what device does it run on? And how can you control a zigbee device with an other app while it is in Homey’s zigbee mesh?

Nativt app is the Danalock app. All my Danalocks but one, can be manager in the Danalock app and automations work excellent in Homey Flows

Danalock cant answer what the problem is so they are sending me a new lock. Last reinstall lasted 2 days then its not locking any more. Going nuts