Danalock v3 bluethooth


I purchased the danalok v3 bluethooth under the assumption that i would be able to pair it with Homey.
i think i made the wrong assumption… the assumption was based on the fact that homey supports bluethooth…
had anybody been able to pair the device?

The Danalock app only supports Z-Wave, so the BT version won’t work.

Your statement raises some questions!

The Danalock V3 app has 2 bluetooth related advanced settings: BT temporary allowed & BT always allowed! Why is this if BT does not work??

The Z-wave portion of the Danalock V3 does not work either; not reliable anyway which is the most important quality for a lock!!! (why tf not for Athom?) If Athom cannot fix the Danalock z-wave issues (seeing the age of the issues) would BT not be a nice fallback?

My remark was based on the “documentation” of the Danalock app: “Let Homey talk with the Z-Wave versions of the Danalock V2 and V3 devices”. It doesn’t state anywhere that it supports BT, but if it does, my mistake :woozy_face:

Athom/homey and danalock :rofl::rofl::rofl: getting flashbacks.

Guess with the bluetooth option they mean, possible use the bt with your phone. Its not bt with homey.