Danalock v3 advanced setting to invert status

Hi. I have a Danalock v3 installed, but the lock cylinder is installed upside down. (The only way it fit in the door). This makes the status inverted, so when the lock state is open it is actually locked and when the lock state is locked, it is actually open.

Is it possible to add a setting in the advanced setting to invert the state to correct such behaviour?

Is is probably more then me that has this issue.

Because the app is developed by Athom, you need to contact Athom directly and asked them to implement such a feature: support@athom.com

Info: I don’t own a Danalock so I don’t know the possibilities and if there is a workaround for this problem.

What do you mean with “upside down”? The Danalock can only be installed on left or on the right side of the door.
Can you please take a photo and share it here?

when installing, there is probably a “calibrating” routine, this routine should take care of the " open" and " close" end points, it should not mather if the lock is positioned up side down. up side down is just a turn of 90 degrees, no key- turn direction change.

Thanks! That was it. Solved by manually calibrating the Danalock.

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Hi, anyone else has recently problems with Danalock? Mine stopped opening/closing function from Homey. However still reported status. I removed it and cannot install it again. Tried reseting zwave etc. I sumbitted ticket with Athom. I run 7.0.0rc8.

Yesterday FW v7.0.0-rc.12 was already released and today v7.0.0-rc.14. Maybe you can trie the new version.

With the rc.8 I had problems with Z-Wave door/window sensors from Sensative. It seems, that this problem is fixed already with rc.12.

Success, thanks.

How can you update firmware with Homey ?

Update the firmware of the Danalock? With Homey?
Afaik it’s not possible.
I don’t own a Danalock, but I guess it’s only possible with the Danalock app on the smartphone (iOS and Andriod).

Is it possible to connect it in Bluetooth to my iPhone to update it without disconnected it to homey in zwave ?

I linked the user manual in my last post, it will probably be described there.

Sorry didn’t see it. Thanks.

The only way to get firmwares is to email danalock ? No response for 2d…

It was weekend!?