Curtain modul 24v DC


I have a curtain motor which I would like to connect to homey using ZigBee protocol but this motor works with 24v DC alimentation and not 220v AC…

I only have 24v DC close to the place where I want to put the module and I would like to use the ZigBee protocol to increase my mesh.

Currently, the only device that I found is the Shelly 2.5 but this later is a WiFi module. Do you know if I it exists an alternative which is ZigBee compatible (and which works with Homey pro :wink: ).


Nobody :frowning: ?

qubino flush will work

but thats Z-wave then but compatible with Homey

Thanks, @stig_hansen. I will check it also then.
So it seems that there is nothing equivalent using ZigBee…


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