Curtain module MOES


I have a zigbee MOES curtain module and I am not able to find an application on Homey Pro to work With. Even Tuya is not working.
Any solution ?
Thank you


Did you try the Tuya Zigbee topic for more info?
Like installing the Tuya zigbee app test version?
It supports way more devices, so chances are higher.

Hello @Marine_Beaumale ,

Even Tuya is not working

is an inadequate statement. Please tell us more, what you tried and what did not work.

Did you manage to integrate it as generic zigbee device? That would not help using it, but it is necessary to understand that the device and the zigbee interface is working well. Then you can the Tuya zigbee App, which generally knows curtain modules - the others do not. If that does not work in most Apps you can contact the developer.
But before you start requesting anything check the different forums about the curtain modules and/or how to request to add a new device. Mostly the developers help as much as they can.

Good morning,

Thank you for your response.
I tried With the Tuya zigbee test version and Now it is working.
I am able to open & close but I still have a last problem, I can not open at 30% or 65% my curtain…. Only open or close… if anyone knows why ?
Thanks again for your Precious help !

Nice to hear.

Idk, only an app developer could answer this, you can nudge Johan Bendz in the dedicated Tuya zigbee topic.

Some curtain brands/types have open/close only, other ones have 0-100% only.
And probably there’s curtains with both possibilities.

To workaround it, you can measure the time it takes to reach a certain point
Like, when it takes 5s to 30% open, send the “stop” signal 5s delayed from the “open” signal.
Add the condition “and curtain X is closed”

You’ll have to add a few flows to control all possible states.