Help setup moes presence sensor to homey

Hi. I joind about 5 months ago but hadnt had time to get into homey but now im getting to learn about it & im looking for someone to help with the setup of Moes zigbee presence censor to homey pro.
Many thanks.

I could not find any app for Moes, so I think you are out of luck.

Moes is most probably a Tuya whitelabel.
Please go to

and read instructions

Ok thank you for trying :+1:

Hi. Thanks for your message, unfortunately those tuya apps don’t work.
The Moes sensor actually works with a smart life app but Homey doesn’t have smart life.

Ive seen some people saying on YouTube that they have managed to use the sensors via homey,
Id love to know how.

Anyway thanks very much for your reply and advice. :+1:

Should be noted, that the Tuya Zigbee app is under continuous development and the most current device support is available in the test version. Read carefully the app specific page Peter shared, specially the first post.

Any further questions on Moes Zigbee devices can be shared in the same topic as they are Tuya devices that have been branded as Moes.

Closing this topic.