Create-homey-app - Create Homey-App without build configuration

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Create Homey App

This app is still under development

Create Homey-App without build configuration. In a single command, this tool bootstraps an app with associated version management and a dockerized remote development environments.

“Old” apps can also be upgraded, if the command is called in the existing app-root directory.

Create Homey App works on macOS, Windows, and Linux.\

If something doesn’t work, please file an issue.\

If you have questions or need help, please ask in Homey Community Forum.


Quick Overview

npx create-homey-app [my-app]

cd my-app

code .

If you’ve previously installed Homey Command-line interface globally via npm i -g homey, we recommend you uninstall the package using npm uninstall -g homey or yarn global remove homey to ensure that npx always uses the latest version.

(npx comes with npm 5.2+ and higher, see instructions for older npm versions)


This is my second attempt to normalize and simplify the structure of my homey app development environment with VSCode.

Creating or update an Homey-App


# Invoking from the npm registery

npx create-homey-app [my-app]

# Invoking from the github repository

npx github:cghome/create-homey-app [my-app]


npm init homey-app [my-app]

npm init <initializer> is available in npm 6+


yarn create homey-app [my-app]

It will create a directory called my-app inside the current folder.

Inside that directory, it will generate the initial project structure and install the transitive dependencies:

Add on’s

Homey debugger

Add to app.js


* homey-debugger


/* eslint-disable */

if (process.env.DEBUG === "1") {

require("inspector").open(9229, "", false);

// require("inspector").open(9229, "", true);


/* eslint-enable */

What’s included


  • test - homey app run

  • start - npm install && homey app install

  • build - homey app build

  • publish - homey app publish

  • postpublish - npm run init && git commit --amend --no-edit ./package.json && git push -f origin main

  • validate - homey app validate -l publish

  • validateTest - homey app validate

  • init - npm init --quiet -y 1>/dev/null

  • lint - eslint .

  • createRemoteRepo - hub create -d “$npm_package_description” -h npm_package_homepage {PWD##*/} && git commit --amend --no-edit && git push -u origin main

For Developers

Install Create-Homey-App

git clone

cd create-homey-app

npm link

code .

# happy coding

# Test app > use JavaScript Debug Terminal

create-homey-app [my-app]


Development Container Tips & Tricks

Create apps



  • Initial commit


  • Add Screencast

  • Add localHomey - Parameter


Copyright 2021, 2021 [Chris Gross]


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