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Homey-Dev v0.2.2 - new release / Homey (docker) development environment

What is Homey-Dev ???

see: https://github.com/cgHome/homey-dev

Homey-Dev is a development environment consisting of the normal Homey-App and a runtime environment (via athom-cli) in a (Homey-Dev) docker container. The container is controlled by various commands (see Bash commands), which are defined as “bash-functions” during installation.

Furthermore, different Build-Tools commands are integrated, which are implemented as npm-scripts and can be used with “homey-run …” or “npm run …” (If node.js is installed on host). In addition, a remote debugger can be defined for the Homey-App in development mode.



  • npm-script ‘install’ to ‘setup’ renamed


  • _homeyRun dedection fixed


  • Homey-Dev Build-Tools added


  • Initial release

Can you tell me what the purpose is to run the atom cli within a docker container?

see: https://github.com/cgHome/homey-dev#intro

Thanks, not really interested in using a docker container, since node is running fine locally, but the info/config to remote debug my app is great!