Testing a homey app without homey pro

Hi everyone, I’m developing an app to connect Homey to an eWeLink account in order to have access to all the account’s devices from the Homey app. I have a Homey Premium subscription but I haven’t purchased a Homey Pro yet. Is it possible to test the app without having Homey Pro?

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Technical if the App also would run on Homey (Cloud) it could…

You need to Develop for Cloud, so a Verified App: Homey Cloud | Homey Apps SDK
So you need to be a Homey Verified Developer,
Therefore you need to be a company or developing for a company.

and you need a Homey Verified Developer | Homey Store and have a VAT number.

Beside that is possible (You have a VAT number and become a Verified Developer…) It could be Athom isn’t going to publish your App for Homey Cloud if You are not in contact with eWeLink …

Do you need to be a verified developer to run a Homey app in Docker for testing?

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Good one, I didn’t test that.
In that case nothing would be necessary.

Thank you guys.

To run a Homey App for testing I don’t need to be a verified developer but I need Docker and I need to have a Homey Pro. Is my undestranding correct?

I’m trying to run the basic app (created with ‘homey app create’) but I get the error:

requireStack: [ ‘/homey-app-runner/lib/App.js’, ‘/homey-app-runner/index.js’ ]

I think the problem was that I’m trying tu run the app without Homey Pro. Is it correct?

any ideas?