Create flow for thursday on odd weeks?

Hello Guys,
Can anyone help me build a flow, that starts every thursdag on odd weeks ?
I cant seem to find a option for odd/even weeks.

Easy enough starting a flow every 14 days but unsure off the top of my head about every Thursday on odd weeks. I can see logic cards and maths being used.
Starting on a Thursday could be done manually and let the flow run but there will likely be a more elegant way than that

Something like this.
The result is true today btw :wink:

Between Thursday and Thursday is a bit strange, but you’d read it like timestamps:
Between Thursday 0:00 hrs (new day)
and Thursday 23:59:59 hrs (end of day)

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My Weeknumber looks like this:

I cant pick ODD or EVEN, is something wrong ?

Interesting. I have as Peter has shown, in advanced flows, and can invert it to be even weeks. Not sure how your example has happened.

Cold even add a time of day condition as well

That’s ODD (sorry, couldn’t resist :wink:).
Looks like a translation error of some kind, because {{odd|even}} should be in the code, not in the card.
In English it shows as:
Screenshot from 2022-11-24 22-05-15


So, to see for myself I changed Homey’s language to Danish, and:

Confirmed it has something to do with the translation to Danish. There’s also another card with {{some-text}}

I just reported this issue to Athom @ Slack, and it will be fixed with one of future firmware updates.


The trigger I used triggers right after midnight, so I think one should trigger the flow like “When it is 09:00 AM”
Then, that flow starts the action cards on Thursdays on odd weeks at 9 AM

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Maybe I misunderstand you again, but why you use the condition card “Day is between Thursday and Thursday” instead of “It’s Thursday”?

Hello Peter,
Thanks, I just tried to change lang to English, and it worked now.
I can now go on with my flow.

Thanks for your help.

Hello Fantross,
I need a flow checking if week is odd, and if thursday at 14.00 it should turn on elektricity in 3 rooms.
Then I will create a new flow check if week is odd, and on sundays at 8pm, it will turn socket off.

Sorry, only in German:

— The time is 14:00
— The weeknumber is odd
— Today is Thursday
— Turn on

What I don’t understand is, why @Peter_Kawa uses „The day is between“ instead of „Today is“.

Oh my… I couldn’t find that card at the time :crazy_face: