Starting an advanced flow

Im, trying to have an advanced flow running every day, and different things is set to happen at different times during the day. I can’t find how to start it and let it run every day… I use: When the day is between Monday and Friday, then, when time is t:mm then set tem = xx dgr.

If this is the basis, which contradicts the other information (e.g. the time)

then the flow should look like this:

– Time is t:mm
– It’s between Mo and Fr
– Set tem = xx dgr.

If that’s not what you want, maybe you can explain your use case a little more.
What should trigger the flow? Multiple triggers are also possible!
Which conditions should be fulfilled so that the flow runs completely?
Please be as precise as possible. You can also post your current flow.

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I try to set different temperatures on different floor cables depending what the time is, and what type of day.

I gave started with check which day, but it seems like I foirst should check the time…?

[My Homey]

Right, like the example.

Type of day is not a trigger. Triggers are just short moments, For example, the short moment when the time changes from 5:59 to 6:00, or when a temperature changes from 14.8 to 14.9 degrees Celsius, or when a button is pressed.

ok, thx. I have 4 “time-slots”. how to connect them, or can they be 4 standalone? sOrry, but the sis my first…

As I already said, you can use multiple (time) trigger.

Btw, the „My Homey“ link doesn’t work. What do you wanted to show? If you wanted to share your AF, please make a screenshot.

will this work?

Yes, this will work.
What I don’t understand is, why you set at 19:30 Entre, Spiesestue and Salong to the same temperature as you did at 19:15 already.

Thx, it worked now. It was just a test with those temp;)

Ok… :wink:

This is how you can run the flows only on weekdays (1. example) resp. on Mo - Fr (2. example):

Yes, thx. Found how to do it yesterday.