Problems with time and date

when creating a flow to do something at a certain time i experience some problems.

for example I have some doorsensors and motion sensors that trigger a light. depending on time of day it should set the brightness, how ever it doesn’t work properly. do i have to overlap the times? or is it fine to set a before 07:00 and after 07:00 time in a flow?
when does this reset? in my opionion it should reset after each date but shurely it doesnt.

when setting a date to do something it also doesnt comply. For examle: if the date is xx-xx-xxxx do something. it never does anything. do i have to set a time also? in my mind if the time is 00.00 then the date changes and it should trigger?

Can you share some pictures of your flows? That way we can see what is going on.

I removed the flows since they didnt work properly. I will reproduce one when i got time

Take ur time.