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Flow on a specific day

Correct me if i’m wrong. But I can’t find a way to make an easy flow on a specific day in ‘date and Time’


Every thuesday set de outdoor lamp at 7pm on

In the And section you can select any given day of the week if you select «today is» under the date and time segment.

You can set the day in the AND column. Trigger at 7pm and check for the day in AND.
IF The time is… 19:00
AND Today is a… Tuesday
THEN Set outdoor lamp

But why can I only do it on a specific time. Like every thuesday set the outdoor lamp on.

You can.
IF the outdoor lamp is off
And the day is Tuesday
Then turn on outdoor light.

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Got it! Thanks

Then it would go on at 0:00 hours presumably if that’s even possible in Homey (which it is but only for “the date becomes”…

This is because “the outdoor lamp is off” is not a trigger, it’s a condition (for the “and”). The trigger is a specific moment/event : when I arrive home, when it’s 0.00 hours, when a button is pushed…

Hi, I’m new with Homey. Can anyone help how to create this very simple WHEN?:
when week day 6am OR weekend 7am
which I was able to do used 2 “cards” on my previsou smart bridge (Tuya). Thanks!

That are two flows
When 6am
And it is a Weekday
Then …

Second Flow
When 7a
And its a Weekend Day
Then …

Thanks. Yes, I think this way, too. Just want to be sure that there is no other simple way how to do that. I have a flow which starts at 6 on weekdays but at 7 in weekend.