Could not reach device - message

i get this message now for one of my Ikea lights. Is there anyway to fix it? I really really don’t wanna reset it since i have the light in a lot of flows

Can you reach your device through ?

well, yeah, I can SEE it in the list. but I can’t DO anything to it, or?

I have the same issue with a lot of IKEA devices (early tunable GU10 lights).

Sometimes (after a Homey reboot or power outage) a device answers to dimming, but not to on/off. But usually they are “unreachable” to all types of commands when in this state.

Sometimes a reboot of Homey does the trick, sometimes several reboots, but I have no real solution to this. My IKEA lights are located 7 meters up so I’m not so keen on trying to re-pair them with Homey…

Any progress with your issues or anyone else have any advice?

I have the same issue.
I think this is the problem Homey has with Zigbee.
If you search on the forums you find more posts about it.

I hope it will be fixed when the Zigbee rewrite is done.

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Thanks for your answer! I’ll do some more reading.

I’m starting to get frustrated with Athom’s poor software now… The consequence of their incompetence is a way too high impact on my everyday life. Guess I shouldn’t have trusted their solution to automate my whole home.

I’ll update my Homey to 2.5.1 and hope for a miracle while waiting for the ZigBee rewrite…

Maybe next time first try to restart only the Ikea app instead of the complete Homey. That has less impact on the rest of your apps & devices.

Thanks Peter! That will speed things up and might resolve some of the situations.

My current unreachable devices show up as “offline” without a “joinTime” in devtools. That makes me guess that the major problem probably is located in the Homey ZigBee stack. Is that a hasty
conclusion? Strangely they do have the Homey nodeID 0 listed as route, in contrast to my truly disconnected devices that only shows its own nodeID.

Hmm, sorry , i wouldn’t know that and have never seen that with my Zigbee mesh. All my devices have Homey directly as a route. But that it is a possibility indeed.