Correct procedure to setup a new z-wave net

I’m going to receive around 16pcs of fibaro relay so I’m thinking what is the correct procedure to setup the devices.
My house is on 3 floor and homey will be placed in the basement, can’t do different.
I was thinking ( after reading some post here ) to do like that.
1)Adopt the device with a quick plug to the homey ( 10/20cm )
2)Rename the device correctly to him final destination
3)Start deploying the devices from basement to stairs to ground floor and to 1st floor so that the net could be created and devices correctly become a “node”.
4)Check, piece by piece, if the device is correctly deployed before starting with a new one.

I know the limits are
no more than 4 nodes to the last device, so I have to pay attention to the stairs setup ( they will be the first node for everything ).
Last question: Is there a maximum devices for each node?
Thank you for your reply