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Coolcam Siren flow with else

Hi guys. How can i set neo coolcam siren alarm with else flow? I need this: When i open window, alarm is ON, when window is closed alarm is set OFF. i know its possible to create 2 separatelly flows. But i want it with 1 flow only. Thanks

Does your window sensor device have a flow card “state is changed” or something?

If so then, if state has changed----> and window is open------> alarm. Else off

Thanks. I’ll try it.

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OK. I have an FIbaro window sensor. Card “State of changed” is not supported. :frowning:

št 15. 11. 2018 o 19:19 Matej Kapusta kapusticka@gmail.com napísal(a):

Then keep it easy, and use 2 flows. :grinning:

OK. but one problem. i need activate alarm siren 5 mins after open window

št 15. 11. 2018 o 22:51 Roy Wissenburg athom@discoursemail.com napísal(a):