Converting an app from Homebridge to Homey Guide

I was thinking it would be nice to do a guide on how to convert a app from homebridge to homey. Homebridge has a big community of integrations that homey doesn’t have and is JavaScript based so it seems like it would be easy to transition one.

I have not built an app for Homey ( yet ) so I was wondering if anyone had any tips/tricks/etc that could help me convert this project: GitHub - nickbreaton/homebridge-modern-forms: Add support for Modern Forms fans to Homekit using Homebridge.. It is worth noting there is also a Home Assistant integration for this here: though its in Python not JavaScript.


Start with creating an actual bare bones Homey app to see how things work (flows, handling external devices, etc), then add the specific code for your devices to it.

Do you know any up to date repos that are a very simple homey app? I can’t seem to find a good example to start with ( the cli code is not complete enough ).

I don’t know of any, but creating a new app using the CLI and adding parts to it based on the developer documentation shouldn’t be too difficult.