Controlling 4 led lights with one Fibaro RGBW Controller 2

I have 4 led lights I want to dim together. There are 3 down lights and 1 led panel.

Can I control these with a single dimmer? If so can anyone show me the wiring config? None of the diagrams on the enclosed instructions seem to help.

Yes but they need to be 12 or 24 volt

Did you get this working with the Fibaro RGBW controller v2?

I have 2pcs RGBW v1 controllers and 1pcs RGBW v2 controllers and only manage to control the channels separately on the v1, not the v2.

Fibaro RGBW controller v1 has the option “set specific brightness” to controll each channel in the flow card, but i cannot fint this option in the flow card of the RGBW controller v2.

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No, never did. The voltages from the drivers were too high, so I had to use dimmers.

Ok, thanks for your feedback

Agree with you Robert, I’m able to control the output independetly only on RGBW-v1 - not on v2.
and there is some more options on v1, ie Transistion step time/size , LED strip type.
So RGBW v2 is most likely ment only for RGBW-strips…