Fibaro RGBW as 4 white lights

Hi all,

I’m new to Homey, I’m migrate from eedomus+.

In my current installation I use a Fibaro RGBW for lighting 3 white LED zones :

  • Red : living room ceilling
  • Green : Projection screen spots
  • Blue : Entry White LED strip
  • white : unused

When addind this module to Homey, it’s added as a RGBW command only, don’t found how to generate 4 modules instead.
Is it possible ?

I have found on the forum how to set the brightness of a specific color via a “Then” option, but there is some limitations for me :

  • impossible to put differents lights in differents zones
  • impossible to know which light is on / off

Thanks a lot

Create 3 virtual Dimmer Devices. And create 3 flows.

If dimm level changes (VD) then set the dimm level e.g. red output = dim level VD.

Thank you Osorkon !
It works for putting a command on the right zone, but not for display the state and request on it. Great start but not fully usable.

I have tried to make a flow with each color state but there is only “voltage” and not dim level

If you use a virtual Dimmer, you can control the light and also display the current status.
For sure, if you control the light in an another way this doesn’t work.

Hello Cyril, did you find a solution?
I am trying anything but i am not able to get the starus of each channel to start the Flow. So the status of virtual dimmers is not correct.
In logic i see that the inputs never changes and i think thats the bug.