Haseman Z-Wave DIN Rail, Powerfull 4x500W Dimmer

I have some (3) 4 channel DIN dimmers, Haseman Z-Wave DIN Rail, Powerfull 4x500W Dimmer, that I can’t find any support for. I manage to get it work with Fibaro RGBW controller, but since I use all 4 channels for individual regual “white” light I don’t find the Fibaro app useful. I have used it with both Telldus and Vera in the past.
Does anyone have this device working well as 4 channel individual dimmer in Homey?

Rgbw controller has a flow card for individual control of the channels.
You could couple 4 (virtual) dimmers to those outputs if you want direct control in the app.

I’m not sure if I understand you (I’m new to Homey).
To start with, maybe I should mention that I using Homey 2.0 (I have understand it’s a bit different compared to the older versions).
I have played arond with flow cards for the dimmer, but I can’t se that I can thoose a inidivual channel, not for trigger (when) or for the action (then).
Please explain to me :slight_smile: